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Arrow: Broken Arrow – Season 3 Episode 19

Oliver is still trying to consider what to do after Roy turned himself in. That gets more complicated when a metahuman shows up in Starling City.


Lance brings Roy back in to the station as Oliver is handcuffed to a chair. Oliver tells Quentin that he’ll sign a full confession, but Laurel shows up to free him before he can do anything. Oliver tries to go talk to Roy, to convince him that he doesn’t need to turn himself in. Roy continues to insist that he needs to be punished for killing that officer. Even so, everyone seems to believe, or be afraid, that Oliver used Roy as a patsy to get himself free. He continues to tell everyone that he didn’t want Roy to do this and that he’ll find a way to get him free. Despite Oliver’s intentions, the rest of Team Arrow is intent on keeping both Roy and Oliver from being in jail at the same time. Felicity and Diggle clean up any evidence that Oliver was the Arrow and leave everything pointing to Roy. It’s enough to throw Quentin off the case when he gets a warrant for the Arrow cave, but he’s determined to bring Oliver back in. That means that Oliver has to keep a low profile and that he can’t go back on the streets as the Arrow while Roy is in custody.

Arrow-s3e19-Roy-arrested-station Arrow-s3e19-thea-roy-prison

That’s particularly problematic because, the same night that Roy is arrested, a metahuman with laser eyes (named Jake Simmons aka Deathbolt) attacks a bank and kills some people. With Oliver sidelined and Barry busy dealing with Dr. Wells issues, Felicity suggests that they go to Ray for help. Oliver reluctantly agrees, but Ray seems excited to be part of another team-up. Felicity and Ray have been having a little relationship awkwardness after Ray told Felicity he loved her in the hospital. Adding that to the Ray and Felicity’s general dorky awkwardness along with Felicity trying to work with Ray and Oliver together,  and you have the makings of dialogue so silly that Oliver starts to wonder if Ray and Felicity aren’t distant relatives. They send Ray out to look for Simmons. Ray finds who he’s looking for but finds out that his energy weapons don’t work on the guy. He’s beaten pretty easily and has to fly away. When Ray gets back, Diggle and Oliver let him know just how terrible his performance was. Oliver warns him about relying too much on his technology instead of relying on himself to fight. Ray’s encounter does give the team a clue to finding Simmons. Ray and Felicity realize that he absorbs energy and converts it to the plasma he fires from his eyes.

Arrow-s3e19-deathbolt Arrow-s3e19-atom-deathbolt

Instead of trying to catch this laser eyed killer, Quentin is still going after Oliver hard. After he invaded Thea’s club, he shows up at the loft and tears that apart. It’s getting to the point where other officers are starting to warn him about becoming obsessed. Before he leaves Thea’s place, Quentin tells Thea that Roy was attacked in prison. He managed to take out three guys while handcuffed (which was awesome), but did get cut in the process. The had already been to see Roy in prison. He had tried not to talk to her, so she goes to see Oliver this time. When Thea tells Oliver, Diggle has to physically stay in his way in order to stop him from going after Roy. Oliver storms out and Felicity has to go after him in order to calm him down. Oliver is fed up with waiting because he doesn’t want to lose Roy. Felicity tells Oliver that she has to get used to letting people help him. She also tells Oliver that the Arrow is gone, despite him sacrificing everything to be the Arrow. Oliver’s issues of identity are now compounded. Before he didn’t know if he was Oliver Queen or the Arrow. Now, it seems like he can’t be either of them.

Arrow-s3e19-ray-felicity Arrow-s3e19-diggle-oliver-face-off

Felicity leaves to go investigate a possible power source for Simmons. It turns out that she walks right into his lair, so to speak. Simmons captures her and is going to kill her. Thanks to the miracles of comic book timing, Ray gets concerned and calls Felicity to check on her just as Simmons is going to kill her. That gives Felicity the opportunity to escape and buy time while Ray suits up and comes to save her. In order to give him better fighting instincts, Ray rigs the suit to give Oliver remote control of it so that he can basically fight for Ray. The plan works for a little while, but the link gets severed during the fight. That means that Ray has to fight Simmons on his own, while Oliver coaches him from the sidelines. Ray manages to win, but then Oliver has to listen in while a concerned Felicity, tends to Ray. Ray takes Simmons to STAR labs, where he and Cisco dub the new villain “Deathbolt”. Before he leaves Ray realizes something. Actually, he realizes two things, but Cisco doesn’t answer the question of how the metahumans in the pipeline are fed. They realize that Deathbolt wasn’t in Central City when the particle accelerator malfunctioned. That means that there are other metahumans outside of Central City who may be unrelated to the accident.

Arrow-s3e19-Felicity-deathbolt Arrow-s3e19-Ray-Cisco-STAR

Back in Starling, Oliver gets some upsetting news. He heads back to the loft to find Quentin there with Thea. He tells them that Roy was stabbed in prison and died. Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave where he’s found by Diggle and Felicity. It turns out that Roy is alive and right there with them. Everything that Roy, Diggle and Felicity has done has been a big smoke screen. That’s the reason that Roy didn’t want to see Thea in prison. He had vowed not to lie to her, and that entire thing was a big lie. Roy had planned to get arrested and Diggle got one of Lyla’s ARGUS contacts to break into the prison. The guy had stabbed Roy with a blade laced with a chemical that slowed his heart rate down. That combined with blood loss from a strategically placed knife wound, made it seem like Roy was dead. Now that the Arrow is dead and Oliver is clear, but that means that Roy has to go into hiding. Everyone heads to the edge of town to say goodbye to Roy, so they can all say their goodbyes. While they’re doing that, Ra’s appears in the loft and attacks Thea. She fight’s back admirably but is run through and left bleeding out on the floor. This episode really went from happy to sad in really quick swings.

Arrow-s3e19-Roy-stabbed Arrow-s3e19-Roy-alive Arrow-s3e19-Roy-goodbye Arrow-s3e19-Ras-bleeding-out

The Island / Hong Kong / Flashback

Oliver is surprised to see Waller again. She takes out a soldier and claims that Shrieve held her captive. The fact that she’s been shot/wounded adds a little credibility to her story. She tells Oliver that Shrieve is going to use the Alpha Omega to attack China. She also tells him that Shrieve has an antidote for him and his men. Waller’s advice to Oliver is to run. Oliver decides to go back and see the Yamashiros. They decide that they can’t escape from China with Shrieve’s men everywhere. So, they decide to steal the vaccine for themselves. After they get the vaccine, Tatsu insists that they say and fight. She claims that she wants to set a good example for their son.


Favorite Moments

  1. “You and Palmer might be related”
    That was my favorite line from the episode. Especially considering the hardcore eye roll that it elicited from Felicity. That whole scene with Oliver helping Felicity track Ray in the field was really fun.
  2. So, it’s a team up?
    Ray is so amazingly dorky. I loved that look of “what have I done” on Oliver’s face when Ray wanted to high five.
  3. Diggle vs. Oliver
    There were a lot of wonderfully tense moments in this episode. Most of them involved Quentin but I think the one that took the cake was when Oliver told Diggle to get out of his way. Those two have had face-offs before, but this is the first time that Oliver actually put his hands on Diggle; even if it was just a shove.
  4. It was all a trick
    I liked the way that they set everything up in the episode. I actually watched the episode twice and that let me see how many allusions there were to what was going on between Roy, Diggle and Felicity. It wasn’t always words but, sometimes, just little looks. I think the show runners also played on the fans tendencies to hunt for information. They had let it slip that someone else on Arrow was going to die, and Roy had become a prime candidate. They used that anticipation to help trick the audience. Based on how this episode played out, we probably won’t be seeing Colton Haynes on screen for at least a couple of weeks. It was nice that they got him featured in his own fight scene in the prison before sending him off.

Arrow-s3e19-teamup-high-five Arrow-s3e19-roy-attacked


This episode had a little bit of everything in it. It was also really fast paced. The show got from Roy being arrested, killed, brought back, and leaving again all in an hour and all while doing other plot lines. Ray is finally starting to come into his own as a character after being heavily featured on The Flash and Arrow this week. After initially seeming a little obnoxious, he’s proved himself to be an even bigger lovable dork than Felicity. Granted, that doesn’t seem to be a great attitude for a front line superhero to have but, as Oliver says, at least he’s got heart. He can also take a beating. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of journey he goes on once he’s moved to his own spinoff show. It does look like he’s going to be taking that trip without Felicity though. As much as Oliver was made to look uncomfortable seeing Felicity and Ray together, there were a lot more subtle moments where Ray looked at Felicity and Oliver together and seemed concerned. The show’s already planting the seeds of doubt in Ray that will likely lead to a breakup.

I’m also wondering what’s going to become of Quentin Lance. The dude’s got a serious vendetta against Oliver and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to let it go anytime soon. He’s already being warned that he needs to back off. On top of that, he’s going to end up pushing away the people who’ve been helping him this whole time in an attempt to bring Oliver in. I get that he’s upset about Sarah and the other stuff, but I was kinda taken aback by his reaction to Roy being killed. “I’d say I’m sorry, but we both know who’s fault this is”. What kind of thing is that to say to someone who just lost a friend? This guy saved your life on several occasions. Quentin’s at the point where someone just needs to slap and shake sense into him, because he’s just borderline blind with rage. That moment when his search of the Arrowcave turned up only Roy’s fingerprints was great just because of how ready he was to be right only to have it taken away from him. Felicity and Diggle really outdid themselves with that part. Not just cleaning the prints, but the way they pulled off the entire trick on everyone including Oliver. Way to mess with everyone’s emotions guys. I mean Thea and Laurel don’t even know that Roy is okay yet.

This episode really tried to play with my emotions too, killing multiple people off just to have them come back so soon. I was glad that the preview for the next episode already let us know that Thea isn’t going to be down for too long. Ra’s conversation with Thea and the little prayer he says before he leaves her all made it pretty clear that the Lazarus Pits were going to be used to bring her back and anyone who knows anything about Ra’s knows that the Pits inevitably come into play. Given all that, it probably wasn’t enough of a secret to try to hide until the next episode. What will be interesting to see is what happens to Thea after she comes back. The Lazarus pits have a way of driving people mad for a time when they come back. Even after they recover from that they’re never quite the same again. So, I wonder how Thea will be changed by being brought back through the pits. Also, where was Merlyn when Thea was being attacked? He basically warned Oliver at the beginning of the episode that Ra’s was going to try to kill someone that he loved. Given that, you’d think he would’ve been watching over Thea even if she didn’t want him around.


With Thea and, for all intents and purposes, the Arrow dead; Oliver doesn’t have too many options left to him. He’s probably be able to get away without the Arrow persona, he could always put on another suit after all. The Thea thing is going to be a problem though. Since Ra’s is the only one with a “get out of death free” card in his back pocket, Oliver’s going to have no choice but to seek  his help. That means that it’s pretty much a given that Oliver is going to take over the League of Assassins, but I guess we already knew that from the mid-season previews anyway. The real question is what will “Oliver al Ghul” do once he gains control of the League. On top of that, what’s he going to have to go through with Thea after she comes out of the Pit? There’s just so much meat to this show. As good and fun as The Flash continues to be, this show continues to prove to be the best superhero show on TV.