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Agents of SHIELD: One Door Closes – Season 2 Episode 15

The “real” SHIELD makes its move against Coulson and his team.


This episode of SHIELD showed flashbacks of how Mack and Bobbi came to be involved with Agent Gonzales. For effect, the flashbacks were interspersed throughout the episode. However, the gist of it is that this shadow organization was formed on the day that SHIELD fell to HYDRA. Mack was the chief engineer on a carrier that Gonzales was the captain of. On the day that SHIELD fell, HYDRA agents took over the vessel along with everything else they attacked. Agent Morse was sent by Fury, along with agent Hartley, to destroy the vessel in order to preserve some secrets. The plan didn’t account for the number of people that would be killed to keep this secret. Actually, maybe it did account for the number of people, but it still didn’t change the mission. Instead of destroying the ship, Gonzales, Hartley, Mack, and Bobbi decide to stand and fight and take the ship back from HYDRA not only saving their own lives, but the lives of the other crew members. That event started the alliance that is currently plotting to take down Coulson. It also created a deep distrust for Nick Fury and his motivations in the group.

SHIELD-s2e15-HYDRA-SHIELD-fall SHIELD-s2e15-gonzales-hartley-mack-bobbi SHIELD-s2e15-bobbi-mack-flashback-hallway

In the present day, Coulson’s grown suspicious of Mack and Bobbi. Coulson already realized that the car that Mack gave him had something extra in it. He just wanted to know what it’s for. He gives Mack the chance to tell him what he’s up to, but Mack decides to keep playing it cool and saying that he’s loyal to SHIELD. Bobbi is already back on the base and sabotaging it so that her team can come in and take it over. At the same time Coulson tries to have Mack arrested, Bobbi causes a momentary blackout that allows him to escape until reinforcements arrive. The entire team is now on alert and the hunt for Bobbi and Mack begins with the whole base locked down. Bobbi manages to get her hands on Fury’s toolbox before escaping from May. However, Bobbi is taken down, by Simmons of all people, after trying to pose as her friend. Eventually, Bobbi and Mack’s reinforcements do arrive, but Mack is injured when he jumps in front of their breaching explosion to save Fitz.

SHIELD-s2e15-bobbi-vs-may SHIELD-s2e15-Simmons-takes-down-bobbi

Skye isn’t on the base while all of this is going on. As you may recall, in the last episode, Coulson took her off site to a cabin. Apparently this place is codenamed “The Retreat” and is the same place were several avengers including the Hulk and Capt. America have stayed. In addition to helping to keep Skye safe, the remote location of this facility keeps other people say from her as well. Skye uses the gauntlets that Simmons made to help her heal and to help limit her powers. She is already feeling isolated from the rest of the team and loses contact with the SHIELD invasion begins. While she’s there, she’s visited by the Inhuman with no eyes. He introduces himself as Gordon and offers to help her to understand what she’s become. He also tells her that her power is actually the ability to tap into and control the vibrations of any matter. Unsurprisingly, Skye is reluctant to believe him, but he tells her that he’ll be there when she changes her mind.

SHIELD-s2e15-Skye-hulk-hand-imprint SHIELD-s2e15-Skye-Gordon-cabin

After his team takes the base, Agent Gonzales confronts Coulson. Coulson admits that he knows who Gonzales is and even considered recruiting to join his new SHIELD team. Gonzales wants Fury’s plans to help them build a new SHIELD. He and the rest of his comrades also continue to insist that they are the true SHIELD. One of their members is a former colleague of Fitz and Simmons and she even convinces Simmons to give Mack medical aid. The entire time that this invasion has been happening Coulson’s team has been confused by the fact that their captors claim to be SHIELD. Once they meet them face-to-face it does become more clear even though it does not encourage them to acquiesce to all of their demands. Aside from getting Fury’s plans, they also seem particularly interested in finding Skye. Agent Gonzales tells Coulson that they believe that Fury was hiding a lot of secrets. Specifically, they believed that he was hiding information about individuals with immense destructive power. They want to find those individuals so that they’re power can’t be used against them and Skye seems to be at the top of that list.

SHIELD-s2e15-Gonzales-Coulson SHIELD-s2e15-Coulson-escape

May, who had avoided being captured, sends a message to Skye telling her to run. She doesn’t fully understand the situation, but Skye follows her mentor’s advice and leaves the cabin. She’s cornered by Bobbi and one of the other agents after making it to the perimeter of her compound. The overzealous agent open fires on Skye causing her to react and use her powers. The shockwave she causes destroys a tree which splinters and impales the agent that fired at her as well as flattening the landscape around her. Skye’s freaked out by the incident and calls for Gordon, who appears and teleports her away. Back at the base, May manages to free Coulson and sends him away from the base using a secret elevator. She promises to take care of the others but also says that without him there is no SHIELD. Coulson heads to a remote location where he meets up at a Tiki bar with Hunter, who’s escape pod finally came ashore. The two share a drink and Hunter signs his name on a bar napkin symbolizing his commitment to accept Coulson’s offer to work for him. With just the two of them left, Coulson starts to formulate a plan to take back SHIELD.

SHIELD-s2e15-Skye-energy-blast SHIELD-s2e15-Hunter-Coulson-bar

Favorite Moments

  1. Skye’s power is explained
    We finally find out what exactly, Skye’s ability is. We also got to see her manifest it’s potential a little when she warped the water in the sink. It looks like something that’s got a lot of possibilities.
  2. Skye is the Hulk…again
    In the last episode, Fitz-Simmons related Skye to the Hulk. In this episode, she sees the imprint he left on the cabin. I thought it looked like the same cabin that Edward Norton’s hulk was left in, but I wasn’t sure before this.
  3. Bobbi vs May
    SHIELD’s two toughest women going head-to-head, what’s not to enjoy about that? Of course, it was just as fun to have Simmons be the one to take out Bobbi.


Well, we finally find out with this other SHIELD’s motivation is. It seems to me that there really just afraid of people with powers. If that’s the case the mayor going to embody the very thing that could drive, Skye and people like her away from SHIELD and toward evil. The episode really set up for confrontation between people who want to understand those with powers versus people want to oppress or control them. I think Coulson fit somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, especially when it comes to Skye. He realizes that he can’t ignore her destructive potential, but he wants to help her more than to contain her. So, he has to walk a very careful line between being oppressive and being careful. This team led by Agent Gonzales seems like they would be less likely to walk such a line. I get the feeling that for Gonzales this is more of an arms race kind of situation. I feel like they want to find these people, not so they can help them, but so they can’t be used to hurt them. That kind of thinking usually paints you pretty easily is a bad guys. However, it seems like at least Fitz and Simmons are going along with these guys as well as Bobbi and Mack. I’m sure the longer this struggle for power lasts, the more the differences in ideology will become clear.