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Agent Carter : A Sin to Err – Season 1 Episode 6

Peggy follows up a lead that gets her closer to Leviathan, but the SSR is closing in on her.


The SSR agents (including Peggy) are interviewing the psychiatrist (Dr. Ivchenko) they rescued from Russia. It’s a legit interview this time, one that doesn’t involve punching, but Dooley thinks Peggy is pressing too hard. Peggy tells him her theory that it was a woman who killed Krzeminski. Based on recent information, it’s likely that the woman would’ve been from the Leviathan facility they found (or one like it). Given the Stark weakness for women, it’s also likely that this woman could’ve also been responsible for the break in at Stark’s. She convinces Jarvis to go through a list of every woman that Stark has slept with in order to try to find one with marks on her wrist matching the shackles on the beds in Russia. This leads to a round of Jarvis getting slapped in the face by every woman he’s had to escort out of Stark’s place. Peggy doesn’t realize that she’s working on borrowed time. Sousa visits the guy she took out earlier in the season and shows him a photo of Peggy. He confirms that that’s the woman who took him out.

AgentCarter-s1e6-dooley-psychiatrist AgentCarter-s1e6-jarvis-peggy

Meanwhile, Dottie is on the move. She kills a dentist so that she can take his office. The office allows her a view of the SSR office where the doctor is being held. They exchange messages via¬† visual code and a sniper rifle that Dottie is wielding. The doctor relays the message that he needs more time and gives Dottie the directive to kill Peggy. He begins to work on introducing a kind of hypnotic suggestion into Dooley under the guise of talking to him about his family. His trick is interrupted when Sousa comes in to give Dooley the news about Peggy. The SSR moves quickly and Peggy and Jarvis are ambushed at the dinner. Peggy manages to take out the agents (including Thompson) and heads back to her apartment to recover Steve Roger’s blood. Sousa also managed to get the drop on her, but won’t pull the trigger and allows Peggy to walk away. With the SSR in a full uproar over Peggy, Dooley leaves the doctor with a young agent, Yauch. Ivchenko starts working his charms on Yauch instead. Eventually, he manages to get him to reveal the location of the stolen Stark tech. He also plants a suggestion in him that causes him to walk out in traffic and get hit by a large vehicle.

AgentCarter-s1e6-carter-ledge AgentCarter-s1e6-Peggy-Dottie-kiss

Thompson and Sousa arrive at the Griffith just as Peggy has taken the blood out of the wall. She hides out on her ledge to avoid being seen, but the agents are thorough. They check Angie’s room, which prevents Peggy from getting back inside. Angie pretends to cry and makes everyone uncomfortable enough to leave, so that Peggy can try to make her getaway. She seems like she might get away, but she runs in to Dottie. Dottie grabs Peggy and kisses her, revealing that she’s wearing Peggy’s knockout lipstick. It looks like Dottie’s planning on killing her, but she can’t with all the agents crawling around. Peggy’s left knocked out in the hallway and the agents are able to take her away easily. They bring her back to the SSR and prepare for an interrogation. Thanks to Dottie’s actions, Peggy’s got the final piece of the puzzle, but she now has to get the SSR to believe her. To make things worse, Dottie’s disappeared from the Griffith.


Favorite Moments

  1. Premature evacuation
    That was a clever little turn of phrase.
  2. Crutch faster, we got places to be
    I just appreciate that Thompson manages to be a dick to everyone equally.
  3. Angie’s performance
    Angie finally did something useful! You kind of figured that she would come to Peggy’s aid at some point though.


I said it in a previous episode, but I do love how quickly the SSR agents manage to get to the bottom of things when they’re not busy being dicks. Sousa only needed one piece of info to bring Peggy in. That being said, they basically listened to Ivchenko spell out to them that women are being used as spies because they’re being underestimated. Still, they underestimated Peggy when they came to take her away and completely overlooked Dottie or the idea that anyone else in the Griffith might’ve been involved with Peggy. Granted, suspecting Dottie would be a huge leap because of how dumb she’s playing. The real danger, of course, seems to be Ivchenko himself. I don’t know what exactly his ability is, but I’m guessing it’s just a specialized hypnosis. That poor agent didn’t stand a chance once he was left alone with him.

This was another fun episode. The SSR agents added a bit of the drama as they were doing their investigation, but Peggy got most of the fun parts. Starting with her escorting Jarvis through Stark’s greatest hits. Then there was the fight scene in the dinner, where she got to take out a whole squad of guys. After putting 3 dudes in the hospital, you’d think this would be the end of them not respecting Peggy’s abilities. Even the scene with Angie was fun. I could’ve used a little bit more Dottie in the episode but, overall, I’m cool with her continuing to just stalk around and kill people. Now that Peggy’s in captivity, I wonder if she’ll try to sneak into the SSR and finish the job herself.