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Gotham: Red Hood – Episode 17

A new gang shows up in Gotham. One of their members uses a disguise that’s familiar to fans of Batman.


The episode begins with a gang robbing a bank. Before the job, one of the robbers decides to don a red hood. When one of the security guards fires at the hooded man six times and misses, he ends up thinking of it as a good luck charm. He also facilitates the gangs get away when he throws some of the stolen money into the streets in order to cause a crowd to gather and interfere with the police. Bullock and Gordon are brought in to investigate the robbery. While they’re gathering clues, the young gang member is trying to convince his comrades that the hood is special in that it sets them apart. The gang leader ends up agreeing with him but shoots the kid to take the hood for himself.  Gordon and Bullock are able to track the members of the Red Hood gang to an auto garage. When they get there they find the man they suspect of being the hood dead on the floor. In addition, the gang has struck again at a different bank, repeating the same M.O. It turns out that the hood has made the gang famous by now and people are actually expecting them to give away some of the money they steal. After the second robbery, an informant comes to the station to help and gives the detectives the opportunity to do a line up.


At Wayne manor, Alfred is visited by Reggie, an old military friend. Apparently, the two served in special ops together. When Reggie sees that Alfred has been training Bruce to fight, he offers some of his own tutelage. Alfred watches as Reggie baits Bruce to hit him harder and harder and with different objects before stepping in to stop it. He basically tells Reggie to lay off of Bruce and to not take him down the same kind of dark path that they’ve been down. Later, over a bottle of wine with Bruce, Reggie tells the story of how he and Alfred fought off a large group of men after some of their squad had been captured. Reggie doesn’t understand why Alfred is hiding this part of himself from Bruce, but Alfred assures him that he still haunted by the same memories and tries to get him to leave. Before Reggie leaves Alfred catches him trying to steal from them. Reggie tells Alfred that he’s in some type of real deep trouble before stabbing Alfred in order to get away. Bruce finds his butler bleeding out on the floor but manages to get him to the hospital.


After their line up, Bullock and Gordon follow their lead suspect back to his home. They’re hoping to get the other members of the crew but, when they get there, they find their man shot and lying on the floor. It seems like everybody in the gang wants to put on the hood now that it’s made them famous. So, once again, a member of the crew was shot so that another can take the hood. It’s revealed that the robberies are revenge for denied bank loans, which gives Bullock and Gordon the target of the next robbery. They get to the bank before the gang gets away and gun down the new leader in the street. As soon as the shootout is over, Gordon receives a call from the hospital about Alfred. He rushes off to make sure Bruce is okay. The police crew leaves the hood on the ground and it’s picked up by a kid mimics pointing a gun at the cops. While Bruce and Gordon are at the hospital, we see Reggie in a Wayne Enterprises board room. It turns out that his real mission was to investigate Bruce’s research into the board and to make Bruce vulnerable by disabling Alfred. It seems that Reggie isn’t completely on board with the idea of taking out a kid, but the damage has been done and the board members are poised to strike.

Gotham-s1e17-Bruce-Alfred-stab Gotham-s1e17-Payne-board-room

Meanwhile, Fish Mooney gets a better look at what the other prisoners are being used for. Fish meets the man managing the facility that she’s being held in. However, he is not the doctor that seems to be in charge of the operation. At first, the manager refuses to let her speak to the man in charge. He convinces her that the doctor has expressly stated that he is to deal with Fish. Fish does manage to get the doctor’s real name: Dr. Dulmacher (pronounced Doll-ma-kur, not Doll maker). That’s enough to start a dialogue between her and the manager and he allows her to clean up. Later, he tells her that they plan to harvest her eyes and leave her in the basement so that she won’t cause as much trouble. In response, fish decides to gouge out her own left eye and crush it in front of the man. Easily one of the more disgusting/shocking moments in the show so far.

Gotham-s1e17-Fish-office Gotham-s1e17-Fish-eye-gouge

Other Stuff

  • Heartbroken and probably drunk, Barbara decides to give Ivy and Selena some fashion advice. Of course, her advice is basically just “slut it up” so that they can use their looks as a weapon. Selena declines her advice and points out that it hasn’t really worked out great for Barbara.
  • Back at Fish’s old club, Penguin is finding it hard to run things without the aid of alcohol. Butch informs him that Maroni controls the alcohol sales in the area, and that no one is willing to cross him in order to help Penguin. Penguin decides that his best course of action is to rob Maroni out right. He heads to the warehouse where his liquor is being stored but is interrupted when police raid the warehouse. Penguin is surprised when Butch appears outside of his car and informs him that the police are with him. Later, Butch and Penguin share a drink as they pledge to not being sidekicks.


What the [insert expletive here], Fish!?!? The pacing of Gotham is usually a little slow for me. So, when fish suddenly gouged out her own eye, I did a double take. I had to go back and watch it a couple of times just to make sure I’d actually seen what I thought I saw. Her storyline has suddenly jumped to the top of the list of things that I’m interested in in the show. Otherwise, this episode seemed to be another example of this series trying to do too many things at once. Even though I occasionally wonder if Alfred will get more scenes are what’s going on with the girls in the penthouse, it’s clear that those characters aren’t important enough in the series to get full episode features. At least not more than once or twice a season.

If this is how the show is going to handle them, I’d rather them only be on screen for a few minutes per episode until they get a feature episode. That way they don’t interfere with the main storyline of the episode. I actually really liked the way that the show portrayed the Red Hood gang. I liked the idea of the hood kind of having a personality of its own and being the thing that causes the behavior of the gang’s leader. It’s just that the storyline didn’t really seem like it was featured prominently in the show despite the fact that it was clearly the “A” story of the episode. It was another direct nod to a well-known Batman rouge, though. After the circus episode, it’s also the second reference (a direct one anyway) to a possible Joker origin that we’ve seen. For those who may not be familiar, one of the possible origins of the Joker was that he was originally a villain known as the Red Hood and was dropped into about of chemicals by Batman during a confrontation. I  know, I said that in the last episode’s review as well.

I’m sure there’s the significance of the fact that we’ve had these two Joker references as well as the emergence of the Penguin and scenes that remind us that the Riddler, Cat Woman, and Poison Ivy are still in existence in this world. Bullock even makes comments that allude to the way that the city is reacting to hooded figures and vigilantes that are obvious foreshadowing for the state of Gotham when Batman arrives. Then were there was the Penguin’s comment about our villains being the ones that define us. It is possible that these are all just allusions to the future of Gotham city and the significance that the villains play in Batman’s story. However, for now, I’m holding out hope that this is also a reference to a greater confrontation in a more prolific confrontation coming up in this series.