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New Girl may be the funniest thing on TV right now

So, I haven’t written anything for most of the month of February. Mostly because my regular TV scheduling was interrupted by award season and intermittent weekly breaks. However, during that time, I did get reacquainted with Fox’s Comedy “New Girl.” For some reason, I have watched this show since it’s pilot episode. Everything in me told me to stay away from any show that used the term “adorkable” to describe its lead. I was hesitant to say I liked the show as it fumbled awkwardly through it’s first few episodes. Even so, I kept watching and, eventually, realized that this may be the funniest show on television  right now.

New Girl is the only show that I  consistently laugh out loud at when I watch it. The characters are awkward and zany and provide banter and outrageous lines with a chemistry that’s just enthralling. The main ensemble Jess (Zooey Descanel), Nick (Jake Johnson), Winston (Lamorne Morris), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Cece (Hannah Simone) are great  together. Whether they’re together as a group or split apart into in pairs they play off of each other so well.

That being said, the real highlights of the show are Schmidt and the interplay between Nick and Zoe (and whoever else happens to be with them). Schmidt manages to be both outrageously douchey and incredibly sincere making his character strangely likable and just hilarious. While he may be too over the top for some people at times, you can always count on him to be involved in the best individual moments of an episode.

Then there’s Jess (Deschanel) and Nick (Johnson) who are just great together. Jess is actually a really funny character and I think Deschanel has really figured out how to deliver her in such a way that’s the right balance of awkward, adorable, neurotic and intelligent to the character funny and not just pitiable or annoying. Meanwhile Nick’s character has some of the best reaction scenes I can think of. It actually makes me think a little bit of a modern version of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (yeah I’m going way back for that one). It’s almost an afterthought that those two (or at least their characters) are going to end up together, even though the writers seem to be dragging that out as long as possible.

Speaking of the writers, they’re good, but not the best part of the show. The show, admittedly, does not have a very complex story line. Most stories are really just vehicles for the characters to be put into awkward situations. However, one really good thing about the stories is that they provide plenty of opportunities for the show to be infused with guest stars. So far my favorite ones have been:

  • Jess’ parents (played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner)
  • Two of Jess’ boyfriends (Jason Long and Durmot Mulroney)
  • Nick’s stripper girlfriend, Angie (played by Olivia Munn)
  • Two girls that the guys run into at the bar and invite back to the loft (Brenda Song and Brooklyn Decker)

Aside from that the writers have created some good individual scenes like Nick’s run in with a random asian man who ends up coddling him in a pool. And everybody’s favorite drinking game that they don’t know the rules to: True American.

New Girl is coming to the end of it’s second season and hopefully it will be around for several more. If you haven’t started watching this show yet, find a way to get the first season. Bear with the show through the growing pains of the first couple of episodes and enjoy this truly funny show.