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K – Episode 9 – Knell

So during this episode I’ve started to realize that this anime’s only going to be 12-13 episodes long, which makes me sad. This episode is a lot about fleshing out the history and events that have led to the situation the characters are currently in. Most of the story has actually already been laid out. We’re getting more and more pieces of the puzzle and it’s becoming apparent that, in the context of the K Project world, this is an old story that’s about to come to some kind of conclusion.

The episode starts with us being taken back to 1945 Germany (at least I think it’s Germany) where we see Adolf K. Weismann working as a scientist for the military. The whole scene, as short as it is, really tells you almost everything you need to know about the origins of Weissman and the powers that the clans have.

The story is basically that Weismann was doing research on how to derive power from some kind of artifact in order to help humanity and the military wanted to use the power as a weapon. The research continued and eventually there was an accident that killed Weismann’s sister. After which Weismann secluded himself in his airship, essentially running away from the world. It’s almost disappointing that the origin story is so familiar.

It was a little weird to have them open with that scene only to open with Weismann having killed himself after the apparent suicide bombing attempt from teh previous episode. It was also strange to think that those where the actions of someone who had lived for over 500 years, but I guess that was the whole point of the scene. Well, that and introducing us to the Gold King who, while old, seems to definitely be powerful and somehow very attached to Weismann.

What wasn’t disappointing was seeing HOMRA and SCEPTER 4 start to mobilize toward an end game. We see another incarnation of the Colorless King appear to Suoh in his cell. I’m not sure, but he appears to be some kind of fox demon. This kind of makes sense based on the way that fox-like demons are usually used in Japanese mythology. It also looks like this King may actually just be able to move from body to body, either that or he’s got lackies that are willing to let him use them as a decoy.

This led to the best scene in the episode where Suoh, after allowing the Colorless King to try to posses him, tracked the king back to the school and blew up the room he was currently possessing. He then just lets himself out of his cell by just blowing stuff up. It was mostly just cool to see him be able to walk out to his clan members with the Blues knowing that there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop him.

So with all that done it seems like HOMRA’s heading off for a final confrontation with the Colorless King that killed one of their clansmen. After the credits run there’s a short extra scene where Anna uses an orb (made of her own blood for some reason) to see a glimpse of Suoh and based on her reaction, it seems like things may not end well for Suoh. But it seems like he’s been living on borrowed time anyway.

With only a few episodes left I’m guessing we’re not going to find out a lot more about these characters and the exact origins and limits of their powers, but the ending to this story should be good.