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K – Episode 6 – Karma

This episode did actually give out a lot of information. So I think I’ll recap first and give my reaction second.


The first scene is Awashima (from SCEPTER 4) coming to see Kusanagi at the bar to talk about the current situation. She mentions to Kusanagi that the Red King’s Weisman levels are still low and that it’s possible he could endanger the city. Apparently, this has happened to a king before and caused what’s known as the Kagutsu Crater (which as caused when a Sword of Damocles fell). These two seem to have an awfully cordial relationship. One would almost think that they were good friends. I guess it’s also worth noticing that Awashima got really dolled up for this meeting. I really didn’t recognize her with her hair down and in a sundress (but I’ve only seen her on screen a handful of times, so that could have something to do with it).

Next we check in on Shiro and Kuroh. Following along with the theme of the last episode, Shiro’s identity seems to be disappearing. He notices, like before, that he’s not in pictures of events that he remembers attending. He’s also shocked when he calls his school friend only for her to tell him to she doesn’t know anyone named Shiro. Similarly, when he tries to call his parents and visit his phone he finds that the phone number and the address lead to nowhere (well the address is a soccer stadium, but you get it). All of this leads both Shiro and Kuroh to the obvious conclusion that Shiro isn’t who he says (or thinks) he is. This leads to another chance for Kuroh to kill Shiro but he’s stopped by the words of his mentor from his recorder. It’s also worth noting, as Shiro does, that Neko has completely disappeared.

Finally, we have the flash back scenes that are interspersed through the episode. These scenes give us the background information on Tatara Totsuka. He’s the member of HOMRA that was killed on the rooftop. It turns out that Totsuka was really more of like a mascot for the HOMRA gang. As Kusanagi put it, he’s a guy that can’t fight who’s completely comfortable hanging around a group that does nothing but fight. The guy was a close friend to the group, particularly to the King and really just seemed to brighten up everyone’s lives. Ultimately, his death seemed to be random. He went to a rooftop to shoot video with a camera he had recently purchased. That’s when he met the Colorless King, who shot him with a pistol. The episode ends with a photo montage of shots of Totsuka and the HOMRA group over a recording of Totsuka singing a song.


SO THAT’S WHO DIED! If you read my post about the earlier episodes, you know I was a little confused about the relationship between Kuroh and the member of HOMRA that was killed. This episode doesn’t completely answer that question, but it does give you the background information on the HOMRA member who was killed, Tatara Totsuka . So since Shiro didn’t kill the king I’m guessing the passing of the previous Colorless King is either not related to this story or hasn’t been discussed yet. Which means that Kuroh isn’t after Shiro specifically for killing Totsuka (like HOMRA is) but just because killing him would’ve been an evil act which would obligate Koruh to kill him instead of letting him be king. This does not, however, explaing to me why SCEPTER 4 is after Shiro.

Even though there was no action in this episode I really enjoyed it. They did a good job capturing the emotion of Totsuka’s death even though he was really only around for this one episode. I also really liked the song that Tatsuka sang, the voice was noticeably strong and clear, which isn’t always the case with songs in anime. More htan anything, I now feel like I have a solid knowledge base for starting to understand what’s going on in this series. Let’s see how long it stays that way.