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K – Episode 5 – Knife

So, at the end of the last episode you could say that stuff got serious. Shiro found bloody clothes in his locker right after convincing Kuroh that he had a real alibi for the murder of the former King. Well, now it looks like things are gonna get worse fast. The HOMRA guys are already at the school and are, basically, bullying people into giving them information. Meanwhile, the SCEPTER 4 group has used their political influence to force the school administration to allow them to do their own investigation. The whole time, Kuroh, Neko and Shiro have spent their time preparing for some kind of school festival and talking about Shiro replacing his PDA since he can’t go through the regular school entrances without it.

So, of course, the HOMRA and SCEPTER 4 guys run into each other and never find Shiro. HOMRA’s Misaki Yata (aka Yatagarasu) and SCEPTER 4’s Saruhiko Fushimi end up getting into a fight only to be interrupted by Seri Awashima (the blonde haired and busty right hand lady of the Blue King). But before she interrupts them there’s a pretty good fight between the two. This is really the first time that two people with psychic powers have fought on the show, so I was really curious to see how this was going to go down. I’m actually glad the fight worked out that way because it meant a more interestingly animated fight scene. I love energy blasts as much as the next guy, but there’s only so many ways you can do that whole “beam fight” thing and keep it fresh. If the fights keep up along these lines it’s going to be great for the show.

Previously the only fighting Yata’s done on camera was chasing Shiro or getting bounced by Kuroh, so this is the first time we really get to see what he can do one on one. Not surprisingly, he makes a lot of use of his skateboard when fighting and seems to have a style that’s something like Capoeria with a skateboard. Fushimi fought using his sword and throwing knives that he had concealed in his uniform. Both of these guys seemed to use their powers to either propel themselves or to charge their weapons (swords, hands, feet, skateboard, etc). It was also surprising to see that Fushimi could use both Blue and Red energy. In the end Yata seemed like he was going to lose the fight, but I’m sure that we haven’t seen everything he can do yet.

This whole altercation also made some other things very evident. First, the Blue King isn’t the only member of SCEPTER 4 who has a history with the HOMRA group. It seems like Fushimi was also a HOMRA member at one time and that Awashima has or had some kind of relationship with Izumo Kusanagi (the HOMRA member who runs the bar they seem to meet at). Second, it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a “good” or “bad” side to the fight between HOMRA and SCEPTER 4. HOMRA seems to be really rough around the edges and SCEPTER 4 seems more organized and upright. But in this episode, the members of SCEPTER 4 seem to be particularly cold and ruthless while the HOMRA members seem more compassionate.

The thing that was not made clear is what is going on with Shiro. Both Yata and Fushimi come away with the conclusion that Shiro (or at least the guy in the video) is not a student at the school. The strange thing is that one of Shiro’s friends (and several others) have already said that Shiro appears to be the guy in the video. So why can’t he be matched in the school records or by his friends? It’s apparent that something weird is going on, so how much longer until we find out just what it is?

Right now, my best guess is that Shiro may be pulling something similar to what Light Yagami did in Death Note. There may have been a version of him that committed the murder and then, somehow, transformed himself into a version or state that truly had no memories of what had happened in order to hide from persecution. It could just be amnesia or someone trying to frame him, but that almost seems like it would be too normal.