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Suits: Pound of Flesh – Season 4 Episode 5

With Forstman’s request weighing on him, Mike tries to find a way to close the deal without actually using Forstman’s money. Harvey decides to enter the fray with Cahill. On a lighter note, Donna and Louis are…working on a play. All of this gets interrupted when Rachel has a medical emergency.


A huge block of Gillis Industries shares has become available and both Mike and PS are trying to find ways to get to it. Before trying to buy the stock, Mike tries to use the threat of Forstman’s money to get Logan to get out of the deal. Harvey knows that something’s up so he doesn’t go for it. Instead Harvey and Jessica go to Jeff in order to find a way for PS to buy the stocks so that they can get around the TRO that prevents Logan from buying them. Because of legal mumbo-jumbo, they can’t outright buy the stocks for Logan but they can try to “park” them (which is also illegal) so that he can get them later. Jessica goes to Jeff in order to find a way for them to do it without being caught. This leads to more confrontations between Jeff and Harvey and Jessica over Jeff’s role in the company and issues with he and Jessica mixing their personal and professional life. Jeff does get over it and concocts a plan where Logan gives the firm an advance and they use that money to buy the stocks, which they’ll then return to him in exchange for some other fees once their business is completed. The one caveat is that Logan can have no knowledge of what they’re doing and it can’t look like it was planned.

While this is happening, Louis finds Donna frantically trying to memorize lines for a play. It turns out that Donna has decided to take up acting again after deciding not to try to live the life of a struggling artist when she was younger. However, she’s nervous to discover whether or not she’s lost a step. Ever the one to help, Louis steps in to help Donna memorize her lines. It turns out that Louis has committed the works of Shakespeare to memory (because that’s a normal thing to do) and can run lines with her. Louis had his own trauma with the theater when he was younger (very young) and has a bad case of stage fright. In exchange for helping her with her confidence and lines, Donna gets Louis a part in the play. When he seizes up with stage fright before going on, Donna starts to berate Louis in order to whip him into a rage before going on stage, saying that he’s good at using his rage. After the experience is over, Louis bows out of the role saying that he doesn’t want to hate the audience because he’s part of that audience. The two bond over the experience and everyone else gets a little entertainment from it.


When, Mike finds out about what Harvey’s doing and goes to confront him about it. He’s not thrilled about the idea of Harvey blatantly breaking the law in order to bid on the stocks. Harvey counters by pointing out that him reporting his actions to the SEC will only tie up the stocks which is a lose-lose situation for both of them. The two are now set-up to be in a bidding war against each other but when Mike gets back into his office he’s informed that Rachel is in the hospital. Earlier in the episode, Mike had commented that Rachel needed more rest but when she asked Harvey for time off, he practically bit her head off (in his own sarcastic way). Both Mike and Harvey meet at the hospital where Rachel has been sedated and is resting. While they wait for her to recover, Mike and Harvey have the steak dinner that they were supposed to have when Mike told Harvey he was leaving. During the meal they both talk about the things that have happened up to this point. Mike thanks Harvey for pushing him and Harvey compliments Mike on some of his strategies.

Things are going well until they leave dinner and are ambushed by Sean Cahill. Earlier in the episode, Harvey had confronted Cahill in court and basically threatened him to back off by saying that he’d end up fired just like Eric did. Instead, Cahill had Harvey followed and is now accusing he and Mike of collusion. It looks suspicious because Mike and Harvey have a history and Rachel is living with Mike and working for Harvey. On top of that he points out that the bidding was cancelled only to have Harvey’s company buy up the stock while they were at dinner. Even though Cahill’s being genuine, the news about the stock comes as a shock to Mike who’s enraged that Harvey would go behind his back and buy the stock. Harvey assures him that it was Jessica and that all of this is a surprise to him. Before Mike storms off, Harvey promises him that he’ll try to fix it. However, when he goes to Jessica she refuses to undo the sale. Even though they can’t undo the sale, they still can’t use the stocks because Cahill will be watching them closely.

Mike goes back to Rachel’s bedside and waits for her to wake up. We see that Rachel has a dream where Logan is over her bedside propositioning her. In the dream she says that she can never be with him because he’ll always be a fraud. As she says that, Logan is replaced with Mike in her dream, who is hurt by her assertion. Rachel jumps out of her dream to find Mike sitting at her side. Despite being told to take the day off, she still comes in to work to take care of a few things. When she gets there she finds flowers and a card from Logan on her desk.

While she’s there Mike has one more meeting with Harvey. Mike realizes immediately that Harvey wasn’t able to undo the sale. Harvey does offer an apology to Mike and tells him that he regrets not going with his initial take-over plan when this all started. He acknowledges that there’s not much left for him to do and he tells Mike to do what he has to do. So Mike heads to see Forstman to tell him that he’s not going to take the money. He doesn’t want to screw over Sidwell and Forstman says that he doesn’t blame him. However, Forstman also informs him that the money’s already been taken by Sidwell himself. So, even though he doesn’t want to make this deal, Sidwell’s already set it in motion for him. While Mike is being locked in to his deal with the devil, Harvey meets Donna with a car. He’s going to see Donna perform in the closing night of her show.

Favorite Moments

  1. This episode contains one of the few times we see Donna lose her composure. Also, “Donna Victoria-Roberta Paulsen”, we just learned Donna’s middle name.
  2. Harvey and Mike’s one on one interactions, both the contentious ones and the peaceful ones.
  3. TheĀ  fact that there was a Franklin and Bash reference in this show makes me smile.
  4. It’s easy to keep score when the grand total is 0.


How many dick-in-mouth statements is Louis going to make this season? First it was the “I eat cock” thing then is was the Shakespearean “mouth full” statement he made to Donna. While those awkward moments are still funny, something that’s starting to get tiresome is Jeff. It feels like every conversation that anyone has with him is contentious. He’s got this weird Alpha male thing that works great when it’s making him a romantic interest for Jessica but it seems like it really makes him a terrible fit for the Pearson Specter workplace. It probably isn’t helping that in the last two episodes he’s been asked to break or “sidestep” the law twice. Still, this is the kind of thing that everyone else seems to be able to do, just with a little less drama or worrying about who tells them to do what.

With Mike being in a new position, I was wondering how those two would interact with their normal banter in this season. Even though this episode wasn’t quite the same as what they’ve done in the past, it did give us a little taste of the old Harvey and Mike relationship that I’ve been missing. While it’s fun seeing these two against each other, I still prefer them on the same side. With Cahill now breathing down both of their necks, we might get to see a little more of that in the rest of the season. I really enjoyed the way the whole dinner with Harvey and Mike played out, including the ambush by Sidwell. I’m also glad that nothing serious had to happen to Rachel in order to make that happen.

Episode Grade: B